Dots, Inc. Enterprises connects the dots between people and the information they need,

We specialize in work transitions.  Transitions can occur within the workplace, moving out of the traditional workplace, and even the spaces in between.

Within the workplace transitions occur due to organizational changes due to restructure, re-focus or succession planning needs.  We consult and guide leaders and teams to define their strategy, redefine the foundation of roles, responsibilities, and decision-making as well as cross-functional and co-generational team collaboration to capture knowledge and support the vision of the future.

Out of the workplace transition occurs when employees are preparing for retirement, or their next adventure.  Dots, Inc. provides transition planning for businesses and individuals to innovate and plan for the move from full-time work to either a phased retirement, a new chapter, or a new purposeful retirement.

The space in between is about the intersection of work and life and finding balance and purpose during times of change.