Workshops Overview

Dots, Inc. provides a variety of workshops and ways to engage.  It's important to have a plan, or at the very least identify the key components of a transitioning workforce.  The US is experiencing a labor shortage in multiple industries.  Experienced workers will likely stay working longer before moving from full-time work to a new adventure or a purposeful retirement.  We now have five generations in the workforce adding some complexity, but also wonderful opportunities.  Did you know, for example, that productivity can be increased by 30% when companies engage co-generational teams, and profits can increase as much as 20%?  Retention rises, and the number of personnel issues can go down.

Understanding and creating those structures and culture takes planning.  Dots, Inc. has "The Playbook" and will work with you and your teams to create the co-generational workforce, empower your teams to create better products and services leveraging technical savviness, agility, knowhow, improve communication, retain knowledge, and help prepare your business for the future.

Dots, Inc. helps all parties through these transitions by creating the conversations and plans to reduce the uncertainty and see the opportunities.

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In-Office Consulting Workshops

We work with your leadership to ensure you are equipped with an engaged, co-generational workforce, prepared to transfer knowledge and work together in innovative ways. We help you develop a plan for:

 - Assessing the state of your co-generational workforce

 - Developing engagement cultures and policies to help you find and retain your employees across the generations

 - Developing innovative methods to capture knowledge, enhance communication, mentor, and develop skills for the future

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retirement-Based Workshops

Helping your employees transition from their traditional role into the first phase towards retirement benefits not only them, but your business.  When both the employee and business have a clear understanding of how long they will work, ways to keep them engaged and sharing their expertise, both parties win.

Retirement workshops can be both for the employee and significant other as they create a plan that defines the transition into the second part of their lives.  A life plan outlines desires for how to live in this next stage, and prepare individuals for the transitions that will take place.  Workshops cover:

 - Health and wellness assessment and goals  |  Transitioning to new healthcare

 - Key documentation to have in place  |  Financial considerations

 - Communication: within and outside the family  |  Managing expectations and conversations

 - Transitioning work functions  |  Creating a new you and purpose for the next phase


caregiving workshops

Understanding the impact caregiving can have on the workplace is critical for both the business and the employee.  It is often unchartered territory for both parties and can result in lack of focus, guilt, and frustration, but only because someone is trying to do the right thing.

This lecture series is designed to educate businesses and employees about the components and realities of caregiving and how it can affect the workplace.  Liz offers guidance for everyone involved on ways to create supportive structures during what can be a trying time.  Topics include Overview, Identifying the Signs, Finding Balance, Changing Roles, Staying Independent at Home, Time to Move, Effective Communication on Tough Topics, Safety and Security, Health & Wellness, Learning & Contribution, and Financial and Legal Considerations.