Dots, Inc. is excited to present a new series of vlogs [video blogs] and professional interviews.  They are divided into three sections and each section will be a combination of awareness and educational videos presented by Liz Vogel as well as video interviews with guest speakers.

We will be talking with people in the workforce about what it feels like working with five generations in the workplace, the opportunities and the challenges that can present.  We will also be talking with employers about the current labor shortage issues, such as finding quality talent for certain jobs, knowledge transfer, and the rapid attrition rates.  And, we will be talking with leaders in the industry to outline solutions and showcase models of success and identify what policies may need to change.

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The Worker

These videos will be provide an education about today's worker, whether they are in the workforce or in transition, the opportunities and challenges they face, and resources and ideas that can help.

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The employer

These videos will provide an education from the employer's perspective on what they are looking for, what they are challenged with, and ideas and considerations for addressing the needs of each generation in the workplace.  We will provide resources and innovative ideas through our conversations.

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expertise & solutions

These videos will introduce leaders in workforce development, innovative thought, creative problem-solving, other cultures that have solutions to common challenges, models that work, and concepts yet to be explored.