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In February of 2018 Age Well, a non-profit health care and human services organization serving the four counties of Northwestern Vermont, reached out to Liz Vogel to serve as its interim chief executive officer after the unanticipated resignation of its CEO. At the time of hiring, everyone expected that she was assuming a relatively uncomplicated, place-holding assignment that would last three or four months. Reality took us down a different path. Liz’s 90-day “place holding” appointment morphed into a nine-month period of profound and ultimately positive organizational transformation. Under Liz’s leadership Age Well emerged stronger and better able to address the needs of its clients. 

Unexpected and formidable challenges emerged that required an extraordinary range of skills and resiliency to be called upon by Ms. Vogel. In remarkable fashion, and to the benefit of all Age Well stakeholders, she rose to the challenge. Under Liz’s guidance, Age Well never strayed from its principal responsibility of meeting the needs of its clients.

The personal attributes, characteristics and skills Liz consistently displayed during her tenure with Age Well were astounding in both range and quality, and included: compassion, persistence, unshakable optimism, uncompromising integrity, fierce resilience, firmness when required, creativity, flexibility, a passion for delivering positive results, exemplary work ethic, indefatigability, willingness to address difficult tasks without hesitation, quick learner, patience when circumstances demanded, ability to project calmness during stressful circumstances, openness to new ideas, exceptional interpersonal communication skills, accessibility, social and emotional intelligence, remarkable understanding of organizational dynamics, awareness of her skill boundaries and willingness to welcome assistance when required. There are more, but the point has hopefully been made – Liz offered Age Well a wealth of truly extraordinary skills at a time of great need.


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“We wanted team building and a deeper attainment of all the various business sectors under one department to grow together and work toward developing a future plan.  The workshop that Liz led brought us through a session of discovery that not only benefited employee team building and interaction, it resulted in the whole team writing the roadmap for the future. As the team moved thoughtfully through the process our eyes were opened in so many ways. The benefit of taking the time to have everyone participate in the workshop has set us on the path for success!” 


Pam Mackenzie

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“Liz Vogel has made a significant difference in our ability to scale up.  In 2017 she was the Keynote Speaker at a Tri-State Conference, boldly tackling a topic few wanted to address:  “Gray is the New Green”.  Her data driven, strategic, common sense presentation led me to engage her to facilitate our firm’s  Leadership Off Site.

With Liz at the front of the room, we spent two days working on our Strategic Alignment.  We reviewed our products, verticals, initiatives, acquisitions, mergers, opportunities, timing and priorities – and then we tackled the difficult issues:  Roles, Responsibilities, Decision Making.  Finally, we addressed the most difficult topics:  Communication, Talent.

Her work, planning, and insight have helped our leadership team recognize how and what we can accomplish.”


Trina Webster

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“Liz gave a 1.5 hour presentation to a group of CEO/COO’s from local businesses on managing caregiving and simultaneously running a company and we were all clamoring for more…more advice, more nuggets of wisdom embedded in her entertaining stories, more of the clarifying perspectives she offered on how different generations think and feel. She cautioned us against relying too much on emotionally driven decision-making and appealed to our executive skills:  Examining risk, preparing a budget and timeline and managing to those goals. She offered valuable suggestions on how to respectfully and sensitively communicate with our aging family members to move forward together. Liz’s presentation was equally applicable to our personal circumstances and our professional responsibilities to employees who are facing similar challenges.”


Jeanne Hutchins

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“Liz was the keynote speaker at the Tri-State Learning Collaborative summit on the aging workforce. The room was filled with business and government employers who need to develop strategies around their aging workforce and the labor shortage. The content of Liz’s talk was enlightening as well as engaging. Her anecdotes regarding past clients and her research helped to illustrate her points. Liz’s theme of collaboration across the generations of our workforce was a new way to look at the issue. We will continue to include Liz in our efforts across the state to educate employees and employers on retirement planning and engaging and retaining the older workforce.”


Greg Voorheis

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“Liz provided two engaging presentations that explored the psychosocial and emotional aspects of the transition from working full-time to retirement.  Liz was energetic, professional, detail oriented and a real joy to work with. Coordination with Liz was seamless and she was able to connect with folks on a human level by weaving in amazing anecdotes from her travels.”


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“Liz presented a 1.5 hour workshop on Retiring Your Way.  We have quite a few people heading into retirement over the next few years and Liz’s presentation got them thinking in a different perspective as they enter this exciting new phase in their life.  Our employees walked away more aware of what it might be like, in addition, several tools to assist in their planning process. We look forward to working with Liz again in the future!”


John marcoe

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“Liz recently lead a multi-day organizational development workshop for our department. The team was led through multiple tenets comprising roles/responsibilities, decision-making, identification of tools/applications and how we organize across our supporting business partners.  Liz is a subject matter expert in OD leading to successful conversations throughout the workshops. Moreover, she is in command of our processes and problem statements which allow our team(s) to speak freely and with confidence supporting the change required to be successful.”


Larry Hughes

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“From my perspective, I'm a big advocate of OT work given the challenges we have (in the words of Gary Hamel) ‘to build organizations that can change as fast as the change itself’. This is especially true for our ecosystem given the new business models, technology and consumer adaption to ways of engaging with brands. My sense is we need this support to foster the necessary organizational collaboration, communications and organizational behavior changes to drive our initiatives. Your work has begun to build that foundation and we most definitely need to expand its reach across our business.”


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“Liz has been instrumental in helping our team redefine roles and responsibilities that have become "murky" over the last few years of attrition and change. She facilitated the necessary discussions  to have team members become aligned and understand the roles of others on the team. This resetting of expectations provides greater efficiency and understanding, resulting in a happier and more productive team.”


Missy parks: 

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“Amidst transition in leadership, in work roles internally, and with organizational changes in our department, the team benefited from an open dialog about roles and responsibilities. The session provided a safe forum for team members to pose questions and identify needs about the work and changes. Your facilitation expertise was invaluable.  You deftly addressed concerns while maintaining accountability. The session was effective and successful! As we intended, the workshop accelerated the teams' storming to help it return to a high performance state. Your follow-up and summary of actions the same day is a great hand-off for the team leadership.  In addition, your offer to continue the dialog will help the team continue its re-forming and norming. We are so lucky to have someone with your O&D, training, and it talents.”


MATT morris:  

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“Liz has provided invaluable assistance within our department.  We are a group of professionals who are striving to perform as a team while facing significant growing pains, changes due to new roles, oversight from new leadership, and mounting pressure to provide ROI on our programs. Through a series of interviews, workshops and awareness sessions, Liz has brought to light items that prohibited our most stellar individual contributors from being outstanding team members. Liz has a no-nonsense approach to communication, while dealing with each professional in a sensitive and nurturing way. She is an excellent listener, and exhibits empathy for every person and their situation. I am hopeful this OT program will spread throughout the organization, as a way to develop dialog with individuals who have committed their service to the Company.”


LYNNE herbert:

“Liz led a structured organizational transformation process to support our rapidly changing business and the restructure of our department. Our purpose was to bring increased clarity and collaboration into our digital team, evolve a high-performing team and deliver on business initiatives. The results were very successful and work engaged the entire team through a one on one interview process, documentation of work processes and identification of roles and responsibilities across the team. Liz led the effort and we benefited from her experience and style. She clearly conveyed information regarding how to be successful working in matrix team and did so in a manner that engaged each team and helped them understand and retain the message. The information was organized and presented well using illustrations, analogies, and humor to keep the team engaged. We will continue to build on the OT foundation and utilize the outcomes to build talent and provide career paths for our team. I highly recommend Liz to help any organization through change and building engaged teams!”