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Dots, Inc. President, Liz Vogel, understands the engine behind business and the power of the human talent that keeps it running.  Having her career span business consulting for some of the world's largest organizations as well as start-up companies, developing talent strategies and models in organizational development, and innovative digital product development in news and healthcare, Liz has not only led the strategic planning to take business, and people, solutions to market but rolled up her sleeves to get the work done.

Now focused on the emerging market of the co-generational workforce and the experienced worker, Liz speaks on topics such as leveraging the power of that experience and knowledge, identifying the collaborative power of the co-generations, reverse mentoring and coaching models, innovative business planning to recruit and retain talent during the next 15 years of a labor shortage, re-thinking the traditional engagement model, and creative business policies to meet the needs of a changing workforce.


Liz has been a Retirement Lifestyle Coach for 12 years and conducts workshops for businesses, organizations and conferences to educate and eliminate uncertainty about what it feels like to transition from full-time work to more unstructured time, or the next new adventure.  She outlines key success components to help individuals navigate their journey.


In 2010 Liz created a communication business to aide adult children providing care for their aging parents.  With 20 years experience in providing care for her own parents, both long distance and in-town, Liz developed a lecture series to educate businesses and employees about the components and realities of caregiving and how it can affect the workplace.  She offers guidance for everyone involved on ways to create supportive structures during what can be a trying time.


Liz's easy going style speaks well to business groups, community leaders, and as a keynote for conference groups.  Her passion for her topics comes through and using storytelling, fact and humor, she educates and entertains her audiences.