Dots, Inc. is dedicated to connecting the dots between people and the information they need.  

We specialize in work transitions.

Our Story

Liz Vogel, founder of Dots, Inc.

Liz Vogel, founder of Dots, Inc.

Dots, Inc. was founded in 2010 by CEO, Liz Vogel. The core of the business has always been about connecting the dots between people and the information they need to be successful. With a passion for business, and a talent for navigating change, Liz is a futurist who built a company that meets the needs of today's society and the people and business that are part of it.

Whether it is navigating the constant change in today's business world, or having a plan for life, it always comes down to the art and science of good communication; it is the foundation of success in all aspects of life.  

Bringing over 25 years of business leadership to her work, Liz has been a keynote speaker and works with leaders, teams and individuals to focus on the strategic foundations of organizational structure and communication to position and engage teams to achieve their vision.

Focusing on professionals in the workplace, Liz also works with them to understand the shift from full-time career to the next chapter in work, or preparing for retirement. As important as it is to teach and mentor young workers growing into their careers, it is equally as important to grow and transition mature workers out of their careers.

Liz has a passion to ensure everyone has the opportunity to plan and communicate what they need to be successful. Dots connects people to the resources they need to succeed, to better understand their purpose, and create a plan to get them there.

Industries Served:

Education, technology, news, sports, retail, pharma, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunication, transportation, financial, for-profit and non-profit

Memberships & Credentials:

  • MEd in Counseling & Psych; Adult Development & Learning

  • BA Organizational Development & Communication

  • Transition Coach - ICF Certified

  • Member of Network Leadership Team

  • Certified in Career Placement

  • Member of SHRM

  • Project Management Certified | PMP

  • Faculty Member for Age Without Borders

  • Member of Life Planning Network

  • Member of the Pass It On Network [PION] Special Interest Group for Experienced Workers

  • Advisor to VT Alzheimer's Association